About Jewelry

All of my jewelry creations are infused with Divine Love and Divine Light. They are ETERNAL, helping the wearer awaken to and feel Divine Spirit Presence. Each one is carefully and lovingly designed and created by me. It is an honor and a blessing to be able to share them with all of you.

When you make a purchase, you are buying an original piece of jewelry that has been lovingly and meticulously created. From the genuine crystal beads to the precious metal clasps, nothing has been overlooked. All of the beads are either real Swarovski Crystals or real semi-precious stones. All metal findings, wires, and clasps are .925 Sterling Silver. While all of these details add to the cost of your piece, I believe they are necessary in creating quality jewelry that will beautifully hold the higher energy and higher light.

While your jewelry should be worn as often as possible so that you receive the most benefit, it is recommended that you remove it when sleeping, swimming, and bathing. If your piece of jewelry should ever need repair or a fresh infusion of Divine energy, these services are available for $30. However, please be aware that with one-of-a-kind designs, some repairs may not be possible. Also, availability of any beads or clasps is never guaranteed and depends on the manufacturer, not the artist. Please email Jaime Daub at EternalArt.Love@Gmail.com to arrange for this service.

How do you choose the right necklace for you?

I know that there are many characteristics and metaphysical properties attributed to gemstones of different kinds and colors, however I've always used the practice of purchasing crystals that I Feel drawn to first. Then After I get that initial sensation, I'll look up the gemstone's traits in a crystal guidebook or online. If I find that I also resonate with its "characteristics" as defined by my resource, I'll then go ahead and make my purchase.

With my Eternal Jewelry, the innate characteristics of certain gemstones and colors are still present, although they are secondary to the huge infusion of Divine Love and Divine Light that is filling every crystal. While each wearer will experience something different, overall you may experience a strong sense of Peace and Love.