About Jaime

Jaime Daub was born in South Korea, but she has spent most of her life living in eastern Pennsylvania with her adoptive family. She is an alumna of the The Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, Connecticut. She attended Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Fine Arts. Jaime has also attended Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where she earned a Pennsylvania Art Teaching Certificate. She has experience working with many forms of art including photography, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, acrylic painting, oil painting, mixed media, and installation art.

In 2011 a visit to a local Shaman for a Reiki healing resulted in a great Spiritual Awakening for Jaime. She explained the changes by comparing them to a near-death experience. She walked away from that healing feeling Alive, connected to All that is and ever was, able to Feel everyone and everything. She KNEW that God, Spirit, a Higher Being existed. She could feel the Divine Love, the Divine Light.

Jaime spent the next three years learning and experiencing everything she could to further her understanding of this new (but ancient) way of being. She attended workshops, seminars, read books, watched videos, and was attuned in some of the healing modalities she studied. She met others who seemed to be like her, but the entire time Jaime's soul was really searching for her one true Spiritual Teacher. One day she was finally connected to her. It just so happened that she was the teacher of one of Jaime's teachers.

In 2015 Jaime moved to Florida to be able to work more closely with her Spiritual Teacher. That move, that decision catapaulted her entire life into a new way of Being. Her work, her home, her life became dedicated to Spirit and The Awakening.

From the Artist ~

"My art is a direct expression of my consciousness and spirituality. I am only able to create and infuse as much as I myself can hold the Divine Love and Divine Light. My artwork and my jewelry are reflections of my Divine self. As I grow and rise in consciousness, they too will evolve and grow.

It is truly a joy and a privilege to be able to share these gifts with others. They are an important part of my spiritual work here on the planet. We have entered a tumultuous time, a time of great Spiritual Awakening where old systems and ways are being exposed and replaced. My destiny lies with helping humanity awaken and ascend. Sharing my artwork and jewelry with others is one way in which I am able to do this.

Thank you for supporting the Artists and the Creators, for I believe our future lies with them."        With Love ~ Jaime